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You are an existing client and have some special requirements regarding the sale or purchase of a property? I would be glad to offer my personal support and that of all my business partners and contacts to help you reach your goals!


  • You are looking for a particular type of property, but don't have the time or the necessary experience?
    We offer a comprehensive, exclusive, and completely customised all-round service, which will leave you only with one decision left to make - which property to choose.
  • You are interested in purchasing a property and are looking for financing?
    We will recommend a competent financial advisor.
  • You have purchased a property and are looking for insurance options?
    We will recommend a competent insurance advisor.
  • You are a non-EU national and are interested in purchasing a property?
    We will assist you in the process, and will make competent specialists available to you to cover all the bases.
  • You have purchased a property and are looking for interior designers?
    We can put you in touch with a number of excellent professionals.
  • You have purchased a plot of land and are now looking into construction options?
    We can recommend a number of outstanding architects with excellent references.
  • You are in the middle of a construction project, but can't be on-site yourself?
    We will organise competent and reliable owner representation until the time of handover.


  • You need an official appraisal report by a court-appointed appraiser (for banks, etc.)?
    We will put you in touch with relevant experts.
  • You need to divide a plot of land or subdivide a building before you can put it up for sale?
    We will help you find the relevant experts you need.
  • You are looking at renovating an object before putting it on the market?
    We will collect cost estimates and quotations for you, and can organise owner representation on site for you.
  • You own a property the potential of which you would like to optimise (before putting it up for sale)?
    We offer a comprehensive service package including project development, owner representation, and sales representation.


  • You are facing challenges regarding your property you are unprepared to handle?
  • We will find a solution for you!

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